Data from human fMRI studies that may be useful to other researchers. All files are in 2mm-resolution MNI152 standard space.

Insula clusters

Three subregions of the human insula, defined by applying k-means clustering to voxelwise patterns of whole-brain functional connectivity. As described by Deen et al. (2011), “Three systems of insular functional connectivity identified with cluster analysis.” Files are binary masks specifying region locations. Download here.

Social perception regions

Subregions of the superior temporal sulcus (STS) that respond maximally to different social tasks, including the perception of faces, body motion, and vocal sounds, linguistic processing, and high-level reasoning about mental states (“theory of mind”). As described by Deen et al. (2015), “Functional organization of social perception and cognition in the superior temporal sulcus.” Files are heat maps of the proportion of participants whose ROI included each voxel. STS masks used to constrain the search are also included. Download here.